If all one knew.

The sheer over her knee-high sock was so blind to see.

She once had a dream, mind filled with lies.

Overestimating  every moment like the darkness within.

To be held not touched is to be liked not loved.

All the rest and none at all, for I am but a fleeting moment in the wind.

This short-lived love was all once wrote. 

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A Traveling Mind.

The mind sets forth its own path.

Beneath a dreamy sky.

I open upon the dark night.

Sounds of footsteps pass by as I sit and wonder why.

Whispers tell of a love story.

Shh, for I have fallen asleep.

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A day is upon us with ever blinding faith.

Sad we were on Monday, but now happy once more.

Where does the time go? Do we only live in dreams?

Dust now coats what was of past, too only you will know what was.

Love I felt to you I adore.

Red Lipstick kisses once my glass knew.

I Love you.

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In Time.

Feet walking side by side, passing in time.

Hands holding one another tightly grasp upon mine.

Sitting sipping cappuccino, sunlight in my eyes, red lipstick kisses.

I can’t help but stare as you try to utter words, true beauty before my eyes.

These moments in time like a movie to be played once more in my mind.

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Back from the East!

Well I’m home from my trip back East, I had a great time! My Grandma turned 90, and I got to see all my relatives. Mind you the last time I was back East was 10 years ago, so all cousins are all grownup now. Man is the culture different from where I live, I definitely live in a bubble here in Ashland Oregon. It’s so good to be back! 😛

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To the East I go…

Heading to Maryland for my grandma’s 90th birthday, wow. I love the East Coast, it’s so different from the West Coast. It will be good to get out of the bubble in which I live in, for a little while :).

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Here and there, but where?

Hmm I can’t stop listening to this song, and I think I know why….because of her, what she means to me. The perfume she wore, the way her body felt against mine. The way her hair would blow in the wind, those sexy leather boots would always kill me. I don’t think I will ever forget this girl, no, at least not now…never.

A night of red..

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