The writing begins…

Man it’s been a while since I’ve really written anything, or even thought about writing. I found that writing is the best way to get all these damn thoughts out of my head!  🙂  Having a blog is an awesome way to express yourself in a cool way. Write what ever you want really, to a certain degree of course. But I don’t care if anyone reads my blog or not, it’s mine, and all mine! Think of it as my brain if you could hear it talking, my thoughts, my ideas, my fears, all in a nice little place for you to read. Stay frosty folks!

Safety First

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Time For New.

I must say, life is full of amazing things to be discovered. It seems like everyday there is something new to be learned, and growth to be made in yourself, if you let it. This is what I live for, look forward to , and strive for each day of my life. The past couple of months have been some of the best of my life I must say. The thing I enjoy the most is meeting new people and becoming friends. For me this is how I grow as a person, and with each person I meet I learn for them, ever gaining more knowledge.

I’m so looking forward to moving back into my downtown apartment I’ve been without for a few months now. I have some big ideas for the space, painting, remodeling, light shows and so forth. Stay tuned for more new and exciting fun-filled adventures!

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An Ever-changing Mind

My mind is like an empty chair waiting for a new person to fill it, a new mind to take over. This chair is special because the chair I sit in is mine, strictly mine. It’s totally fine to sit in my chair, but just remember to put it back the way to found it. Thank you for your understanding, and have a great night 🙂

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Be as U

Only U know who U really are…..

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An open Letter.

The waters are still now almost like the painting above my bed. The absolute madness takes over like ravenous dogs in the middle of the night, screaming stark raving mad!I try and speak but all I hear is silence, utter silence. The sky is falling, the stars are crying, the moon is whispering to the sun, will this ever end? Knees wet with stains upon such matters of open joy, spitting in the faces of all who know not peace. The angels of the night linger desperately waving sweet goodbyes to all that is unholy, unjust, and crazy. The dark streets are filled with blank faces, quietly searching for a true existence, an empty heart to fill. Lost are we in these troubled times, only to find trouble, and more trouble. One sits alone, all alone, that one is me, going down deep…gone. Filtered thoughts pass through me with ease, but met with greed, and lust for more. The naked bodies lie against the night sky, only the stars will shine upon them.

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Nothing beats a good cloud in the sky!

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Foreseen Truth.

There is no more time to be used, for it has passed with the setting sun.
As the moon appears in the nights sky, a pale light shines upon his cold dark face.
Silent steps of old still whisper softly in her ear, she tries to speak but no words fall from her mouth.
Foreseen love was right in front of him all this time, but a blind veil was cast over his eyes.
Heartbreak ensues, leaving only a trace of past emotion.
Soul diminished to ash,  a tattered love note, only love dies a somber truth…
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