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In Time.

Feet walking side by side, passing in time. Hands holding one another tightly grasp upon mine. Sitting sipping cappuccino, sunlight in my eyes, red lipstick kisses. I can’t help but stare as you try to utter words, true beauty before … Continue reading

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Nowhere To Be.

Lies and deceit, this is where are paths meet. Falling from grace, If I try to hold this pace end will find me soon. Grasp tightly holds ones hand, only to become bold in the outcome. Not ready to leave … Continue reading

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True One’s Self.

Down and out, covered in doubt. Colors of new, purple and blue. If you only knew, I wouldn’t feel so blue. Distant  in time, troubled in mind. You want to stay, but you go astray. Love struck lips, damn I … Continue reading

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Fear in Love

I’ve been standing in the rain for hours, I’ll wait some more. As light overtakes darkness I stand corrected, the sun blinds my eyes. You’ve seem to have forgotten the past only to remember the present. The moon tells me … Continue reading

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Deaf Decay.

A simple yet quiet whisper enters my deaf ear. Clear and concise, dangerously growing closer, and closer until late has pasted. Screaming louder, and louder but only your mind hears you at all. Too late have we become to ride … Continue reading

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